An interesting letter written by an American boy, for all the girls..!

Girls need to understand a few things ...
We do not bother if you talk to other guys, do not bother if you have male friends, but when you're somewhere and comes with a boy ... you throw presented above without also forget that we are in the same room, this nervous us!
We do not bother if you send messages to your friends. But when something happens in the second of the night, makes us question. What could be so important in this second hour of the night?

 If you say: beautiful, wonderful, charming not lie, so do not tell us you do not have the right because there will never cease to break these words ...
Sensual characteristics of a girl's confidence in itself. We kiss when no one can see us, but if we would still see ... and beautiful!

No need to dress specially for us, if not invite you somewhere to wear short end and you have as much toilet can. We loved for what you are in reality. For example, I like more of a girl wearing only a shirt and my sneakers!

Do not take seriously everything that you say. Sarcasm is a wonderful thing. Do not worry even for the smallest things. Do not tell us how that Brad Pitt or esht ksi Jessy McCartney ... It's boring. Have your friends to talk about these things ...
I want to emphasize that if a guy treats you badly, do not try to change because there's to change!
Find someone to make you smile when you feel bad, you forgive someone who even did something wrong. Since you love despite the pain that can cause. Someone who will leave between work that is at hand, only to say 'I Love!