Coca Cola has launched a campaign for this summer season "Share wit


Soft drinks giant, perhaps the most demanding drink in the world, Coca Cola has launched a campaign for this summer season "Share with ...", putting the names of some customers, but also funsksioneve and their positions in society.
What is striking is total discrimination of Albanians, Albanian and Albanian names in cans or bottles of this drink, albtime reports.
In this case, albtime visited several points of sale around the center where the majority Albanian shops not found any drink with inscription in Albanian or any name Albanian Albanian capital letters (Latin).
Some of the personalities of public life in Macedonia, received the gifts from the company "Pivara Skopje" is a licensed manufacturer of Coca-Cola's for Macedonia, but they were cilirike letters.
Albanian language in Macedonia, despite the fact that enjoys the status of an official language, in any way are not actually realized. In addition to public institutions that discriminate language, so unscrupulous that are doing some private the Company, the majority of their customers are Albanians.
Moreover, Albanians are discriminated against by public utilities and telecommunications companies that bills are sent only in Macedonian language. Albanians in most settlements electricity bills, mobile phones, internet, water, cleaning, greenery, central heating, just get their bills in Macedonian language.